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AMAZING Day One!!!!!!

Good Morning NCSY JOLT Israel Family!!

I hope this email finds you well. It's about 2:20 A.M. and I finally have a few free minutes before I go to sleep. I want to tell you that everything so far Bli Ayin Hara, has been smooth and fantastic. After getting through the ticketing in the airport, we chilled out together with pizza, soda and other goodies! We went through security together as a group and got to the gate. Our stay at the gate was vert short because we ended up on line to board about 15 minutes after arriving. We loaded the flight and had a wonderful and smooth plane ride to the Holy Land.

Upon getting to Israel we took care of everything and I took everyones passport, we loaded the buses, the kids got a bottle of water and we were off to the Haas Promenade to see Yerushalayim. We were treated to seeing a most magnificent, multi colored sunset as we drove up towards Yerushalayim. We also saw the envoy of Modi (the Prime Minister of India as he drove back to Ben Gurion to fly back home). That was actually pretty cool.... We drove straight up to Yerushalayim and waiting for us was an amazing BBQ!!! OK, OK let me explain what we had. Outside, on the promenade, overlooking the old city we had fresh hot dogs, burgers, wings (in a sweet and spicy sauce), chicken and salads, sauces and of course freezing cold but super sweet watermelon! Definitely a great way to start things, if you ask me :-) We went down to an open area and spoke for a few minutes then did a quick ice breaker, just so everyone would get to know each other. 

We loaded the busses and made a quick stop in Superpharm for anyone that wanted/needed to buy supplies. From there we went to the Kotel where we had a meaningful half an hour to Daven and reflect on where we were. We walked back to the bus and drove to our awesome and rustic (which is great) accommodations in Kfar Etzion. The kids got their room assignments and are decompressing a bit. Not to worry, tomorrow is a filled day but a chilled day. Nothing to heavy. Also we have a bit of a later wake up. 

The kids are starting to get to know one another and learning about each other. The quality of our JOLT Israel kids is amazing. I can't wait to share the Nachas with all of you. Pictures should be starting to be uploaded by tomorrow so take a gander and love the smiles as much as we do!

OK, I'm off to bed. If you have an questions or comments fee to free to reach out as usual :-)

With warmest wishes

-Rabbi Weinberg


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