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Amazing Update- We Are So Blessed!!

Dear NCSY JOLT Israel Family,  

I hope this email finds you well. We are doing absolutely amazing!! Maybe even more than that…. Our lives have been enriched by the tremendous Chesed that we have been Zoche to be involved in over this past week. We are looking forward to the next two days with our Zam Zam kids that we have grown so close with.

Friday was awesome!! We went wave jumping on speedboats in the Mediterranean with our Zam Zam Kids. The boys had some extra time so we took them to Rosh HaNikra. We got back to Hispin with just enough time to shower and continue our JOLT Israel ritual of taking pictures together before Shabbos. Shabbos was Mamesh Chazak! Many of us watched the sun go down over the mountains and listened to some beautiful Torah from Rabbi Rosenfeld. We walked together to our shul for an amazing Carlebach davening!! We danced and sang and I am convinced our Tefillos reached the highest levels of Shomayim. Our Seudah was delicious and hectic and perfect! The singing was beautiful! After the Zam Zam kids went to sleep we had a really spiritually uplifting Oneg with our JOLTers and the staff from Zichron Menachem.  

Shabbos day was something amazing. It was a time for our JOLTers to really shine! After Davening and the Seuda we davened Mincha and then our JOLTers spent time planning their afternoon activities for the Zam Zam kids. It was their show and they did it perfectly. Rabbi Rosenfeld, the advisors and myself were really proud of them. The large majority of our kids really participate beautifully. We went to Shalashudos and then ebbing. I spoke about Pinchas and leadership. I also spoke about using the opportunity in Israel to see the strength and talents inside of ourselves. (Obviously it was a bit more sophisticated then that). After Shabbos we had a moving Havdala and then a massive dance party then pizza! It was fantastic.

Sunday was such a fantastic day. I am seeing our JOLTers bond on an unprecedented level to each other and to their Zam Zam kids. We began our day doing Nachal Dan and having a massive water fight. We traveled from there to Kfar Blum where we got Hamburgers and fries delivered to us. Then we rafted down the Jordan river. We were sopping wet and exhausted but every single kids had a smile on their faces! We topped of this incredible day with a talent show. Everyone got involved and felt like a million bucks.

This morning we did Majardse and also had a massive water fight. No one was allowed to leave the water without being soaked. It was so much fun! We got lunch delivered to us and then went back to Hispin to shower and change. From there we traveled to Tiveria where the boys and girls split up for a boat ride dance party on the Kinneret. So many smiles, so much laughter, so much beauty! From there we went to El Rancho for a delicious dinner together as a camp. For many of our Zam Zam kids this is the first time they have ever been to a fancy restaurant and it was a big deal for them.

Dinner was delicious and we came back for an awesome game of “Disco Gaga”. The Zam Zam kids loved it and we did as well. I wish you could have seen it. Throwing foam balls, falling on the floor laughing listing to music beautiful little children dancing to themselves and sliding on the floor, giggling. I stood on the side quietly taking it all in. Teary eyes and blown away I thought about how big it is that these children’s issues are a universe away. There is no focus on sadness or hurt, no abandonment or anger. Just happiness, laughter and love! Baruch Hashem we have such a tremendous Zechut to be involved in this holy work.Tomorrow promises to be meaningful as it is our last night together…

I want to discuss the free Shabbos for a quick minute. To clarify, the free Shabbos is THIS Shabbos (July 20th-July 23rd) it begins on Thursday late afternoon/evening and ends on Sunday morning. The schedule is as follows:

Pick up in Tel Aviv on Thursday will be at about 4:00 P.M. at the Arlozorov train station (formerly called the Rakevet HaTzafon). Drop off in Tel Aviv will be Sunday morning at the same place at about 10:30 A.M. Pick up in Jerusalem will be at about 6:00 P.M. from the OU Israel center at 22 Rechov Keren HaYesod. Drop off is at 9:30 A.M. at Har Hertzel. If you have any questions in terms of timing, please feel free to call us at 054-9191983 to check in.

Parents- I need you to just send me an email saying that your child’s plan is set, that you spoke to the host homes and they know it is this Shabbos and that you have arranged pick up and drop off. Please send this email to me ASAP. I need it by Wednesday.

I am looking forward to being in touch with you soon. Hopefully tomorrow…I want to thank all of the parents who have been responding to my emails with such amazing feedback. The JOLT Israel kids are doing beyond amazing!! We love them and they are loving the summer! Please don’t be shy and continue to share…It makes us feel good to hear from you that our hard work is translating into what the kids are sharing with you.

With the deepest Brachos from the Holy land,

-Rabbi Weinberg

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