JOLT Israel
Arrived in Artzeinu HaKedosha!!

Dear NCSY JOLT Israel Families, 

SheHechianu V'Keimanu V'Higiyanu La'Zman HaZeh!!! Chasdei Hashem everything was super smooth from JFK until we arrived. The flight was great and getting out of the airport was super smooth. Everyone got their luggage, we are all on our busses and on our way to Jerusalem for a BBQ dinner! We have a bunch of logistic things that we need to take care of but all in due time. All the kids are doing great and we are ready to have the BEST. SUMMER.EVER.

Talk and Save will be meeting us at the BBQ to give out SIM cards and help anyone with issues. We will also have a person changing money for the kids there as well. 

If you have any questions be in touch with me via Whatssapp or always feel free to respond to my emails. 

Speak to you soon.

With warmest wishes

-Rabbi Weinberg

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