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Days 16 and 17 Shabbos Kodesh In The Golan

Dear NCSY JOLT Israel Family,

A Git Voch and a Gezinta Voch. The past two days have been amazing. Let me start by saying that we had a slight stomach bug go through our group and it is nearing the end. We have had to teach the kids a lot of about personal hygiene and general rules of how to take care of themselves. The truth is that some of the kids are still not drinking or eating normally. When this happens and your body is weak it takes longer for your body to recuperate. Most of the kids understand this by now and hopefully it will be another important life lesson learned on NCSY JOLT Israel.

Friday was a pretty chilled day actually. We spent most of the morning rafting down the Jordan river. We spent those hours splashing each other and dumping over each others rafts. It was a ton of fun and we laughed the whole time. When we returned to the rallying point we had fresh pizza, pasta and salad waiting for us. From the rafting place we went to a supermarket in Katzrin where the kids were able to buy treats and Nosh for Shabbos. We came back to the hotel and got ready for Shabbos. 

After getting dressed we all came outside to take our Erev Shabbos pictures together. We had a beautiful Carlebach Kabbolos Shabbos and then our Seudah and Oneg.

Shabbos morning we had a late wake up and davening. It was important for the kids to catch up on their sleep (It's also the reason why they had an early curfew tonight). After lunch we had a beautiful Kiddush followed by a Round Robbin learning for our kids. We went straight to lunch and then had Mincha and Menucha. Many of the kids slept and some of them learned with advisors. We came back together at 6:15 and I spoke to the kids about the importance of finding your individual self and embracing it and why that essential for healthy relationships between others and Hashem.  We went to Shaleshudis and then had a beautiful ebbing outside. 

Shabbos ended with our famous NCSY JOLT Israel Havdala and dance party. The kids hung out for a bit and we took care of those that needed our attention. We had a Melave Malka and the kids all were in their rooms cleaning up and getting things together. 

Tomorrow we have another awesome day at the DeKarina chocolate factory and visiting some important sites from the Yom  Kippur war. 

I am hopeful that by tomorrow everyone will be back to normal and maybe even a bit wiser regarding how to take care of themselves in order to stay healthy.

Please feel free to reach out if you need anything or if I can help provide insight into how your child is doing this summer. I will be forthright and honest (as I always am)  and maybe even be able to give you a perspective of your child that you don't see at home..... 

Looking forward to speaking soon.

Rabbi Weinberg

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