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Erev Shabbos Chazon In Yerushalyim

Shalom NCSY JOLT Israel Family,

Shabbos is coming and there is so much that I want to share with you. We had an amazing few days leading up to Shabbos and I will write about it in depth on Sunday when we have some down time. As for now we are in the beautiful Dan Jerusalem for the rest of our time in Israel. The kids are excited to be in a super nice hotel (and so am I). Shabbos promises to be beautiful together and we will spend a meaningful Tisha B'Av in Jerusalem.

I am fully expecting Moshiach to come on Sunday morning and thus I am looking forward to celebrating with you all on Sunday evening! If by some slim chance this does not happen....well we will deal with it then.

Have a Beautiful sweet Shabbos and I looking forward to seeing you all in Yerushalayim Sunday morning. 

With warmest wishes

-Rabbi Weinberg


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