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Dear NCSY JOLT Israel Family!

Let me start off by saying that today could not have gone smoother! We made it out of the airport and on to our buses, the kids all had plenty of room to spread out and sit comfortably (which is a big deal). We split up the buses based on the types of Israeli Dorito flavors that they liked...Lol. We went straight to Armon HaNatziv to the Haas Promenade and had an amazing BBQ dinner. Chumus, coleslaw, salads, wings in sweet chili sauce, fresh sliders and hot dogs were waiting for us when we got there. The food was excellent and hit the spot. Waiting for us as well was out representative from Talk and Save who made sure to give all the kids their SIMS and help everyone else who was having some issues. We also had a money changer there so that kids could change money if they wanted to. I gathered everyone together and made some quick introductions and then Yifat our tour guide gave the kids a bit of context as to where we were and the importance of the place. We davened Maariv over looking the lights of Har HaBayis and then made out way to SuperPharm for the kids to buy their toiletries. 

Perhaps the most beautiful thing we saw was a young Chosson and Kalla getting married with their Chuppah facing Har Habayis. There are so many emotions swirling around after seeing that. May we be Zoche to only experience Yerushalayim as a catalyst for Bracha and unifying Jewish people.  

From there we loaded the buses and made our way to Ramat Rachel which is where we are staying for the next few nights. The hotel is really nice and the food is AMAZING (They will find out at breakfast). We will be going to Ir David, Chizkiyahu's water tunnel and then lunch in the shuk. Then some free time in the hotel and getting ready for our first Shabbos together. 

Everyone is still a bit nervous and anxious all of which is totally normal and to be expected. We have a massive ice breaker tomorrow night which is going to change the dynamics totally. As tie goes one things will gel. Everyone needs to trust the process and trust me. If you have questions you can always reach out. If you have concerns you must be in touch with me so that I can help you in real time. 

I must get some sleep so I will speak with you tomorrow before Shabbos.

Have a great night

From our holy city of Yerushalayim may it be rebuilt in our days.

-Rabbi Weinberg

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