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NCSY JOLT Israel!!! Absolutely Amazing Awesome Day #12
Dear Heilige NCSY JOLT Israel Family, I am exhausted..actually we are all exhausted. But you know, in life there are two types of exhaustion. The first is when you are so tired you can't move and you pass out. The second type is when you think to yourself how much you accomplished during the day and go to sleep with a smile on your face. Today was our first full day of Camp Hachi Achi and it was out of the this world. We had such an awesome day, with non-stop fun! Should we start with breakfast?! Yalla! It was awesome as usual. large spread, tons of choices, and everything is delicious. I have still not brought myself to eat Kugel for breakfast but not sure why. Anyway, after breakfast we got our stuff and loaded the buses for a full day of music, singing and amazing programs. Because of the number of people that are part of the camp, We had to split up into 3 buses. we did it by bunk so it was two girls buses and one boys bus. In addition, because not every place could fit all of us at once we had the girls go one place then the boys to another and then we flipped. The girls started today eating chocolate at the DeKarina Chocolate factory. We took a tour of the factory, mad our own chocolate and then we had a chance to buy homemade unique truffles. Just because I know everyone is curious I will tell you the flavors I got: Coconut, Date and Honey, cinnamon, citrus, black pepper and hot chili pepper. They were all amazing! The boys went to a place called Groovsters where they learned and then actually made their own hippy dippy tie dye shirts! We all ate a delicious pizza lunch in a park in the Golan and then we switched. We all had such a great time. Afterwards we all went to Har Bental together and look into Syria. We heard the fighting in Syria actually, just to give you a sense of where we were. We had such a beautiful view of the Hermon and other mountains. It was really a sight to behold! We also heard a bit about the history of the place and why it is such an important strategic area. From there we went back to our base, washed up and then went to dinner. Dinner of course was out of this world as usual. I ate too much as usual. But I worked it off because we had an awesome night activity! We played human Pac Man with glow sticks in the dark. It was so much fun. The campers loved it and our kids once again rose to the occasion! I am so proud of them! You, the parents, are so lucky to have kids like this. After Maariv, Rabbi Rosenfeld had an awesome optional shiur for the kids and it was beautifully attended. Tomorrow, I believe I am going to give the Shiur... Tomorrow we have an awesome day. I will tell you everything in detail but everything we do tomorrow includes water! :-) Thank you for your comments to last nights email. I love getting them so feel free to send. I wish you an amazing and productive day with Bracha from the Holy Land!! With warmest Wishes -Rabbi Weinberg  
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