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NCSY JOLT Israel!!! Absolutely Awesome HOMECOMING
Shalom Everyone, I hope all is well. I know it has been two days and there is so much to write but things are hopping and bopping here so not as much time to write as I would have liked. BTW- This is great news for you! It means that you kids are doing things, learning and growing. It was amazing rejoining our family members who went away for Shabbos. The kids were so excited to see one another and it was so cute how they all immediately came together like siblings. We had an awesome day where we did a tour of Ir David, walked through Chizkiyahu's tunnel and then some Kotle time. After davening and speaking to Hashem we did a walking tour of the Old City. It was pretty amazing. We had the great privilege of being invited onto the room of Aish HaTorah to see on top of Har HaBayis. We had a beautiful, impromptu  Kumsitz on the roof and then continued onto the some other important sites. After the Old City, we ate dinner and then headed back to our lodging. Today was an earlier wake up and with good reason. We went to Har Hertzel today but we needed the actual time to do the program that we needed to do. Many of our advisors spoke as well as Yoel and it was an hauntingly, high caliber experience. From there we went to Lakchish and took the kids grape picking in the vineyards. We learned all about Trumah and Maaser and it was an awesome opportunity for the kids to learn some things experientially. fom there we went on an awesome off road bike riding trek. The kids loved it! To end this amazing day we went crawling through some caves from the time of Bar Kochba. It was awesome. We came back, ate, davened Maariv and had an awesome night activity of the kids. Tomorrow is another awesome day including a hike!! I can't wait to tell you about it. But I also can't wait to get into bed right now and go to sleep! Speak to you tomorrow -Rabbi Weinberg
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