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Good Morning NCSY JOLT Israel Parents, I hope this email finds you all well. The hour is very late but I couldn't go to bed tonight without telling you what an absolutely amazing Shabbos we had. In the future you will get a play by play description of everything, but I need to wake up in about 3 hours so I am just going to give you some brief reflections. The kids are not only amazingly well behaved but they are an absolute pleasure to spend time with! They are thoughtful, insightful and full of real wholesome energy. They immediately meshed beautifully together and we are going to travel to the airport as I hoped….as one big family. What a Zechus I have to add 41 children to my family!! We already have our private jokes and personalities are coming through. There is an amazing energy between the advisors and the kids. I wish you could have seen the sessions that we ran. Laughing, joking and serious learning. It was goodness and sweetness wrapped up together and was really everything you would hope to see. Young Jewish children loving to learn and send time with one another. The friendships are already forming and it is really exciting to watch. I will tell you also that the food situation has been out of this world.  You'll get to know me…I tend to talk a lot about food…. We ended with a beautiful Seudah Shlishit with a powerful ebbing that was emotional and really got us thinking about Israel. When we sang the words "V'LiYerushalyim Ircha, BeRachamim Tashuv"it hit home the fact that we are in fact returning. We are coming home!! After Maariv we had a musical Havdala that was so awesome! I wish you could have seen the depth of spirit that these kids have and the spontaneous dancing that broke out when we were finished. We ended the night with bowling and Pizza and tomorrow we have a full day of programming prior to heading to the airport. I just want to add, and I don't say this lightly, the advisors are so out of this world amazing in every way. They genuinely care about each kid and are amazing role models! We are blessed to have them with us. So with that I bid you farewell. The next time you will hear from me will be from Artzeinu HaKedosha. Expect an update from me each night (Israel Time) Bli Neder. I want you all to take this journey together with us. Looking forward to speaking with you soon. With warmest wishes -Rabbi Weinberg  
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