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Tomorrow We Start The Most Amazing Summer Of Our Lives!!!!
Good Morning NCSY JOLT Israel'ers and Parents, I hope this email finds you well and as excited as I am to finally get started!! A few important reminders:
  • Remember to bring your passports with you!
  • If you are planning on changing money in Israel please bring $100 in a sealed envelope. This way we will exchange it in the airport so you have some Shekel on you. The rate we will be getting will be fine so need to worry about that.
  • Several people have asked me about overnight bags. So here's the deal…We will be going on a few overnights. If you plan on bringing a carry-on piece of luggage to the plane, then that will double nicely as an overnight bag. However, if you are just bringing a backpack on the plane, I would suggest smushing a little overnight bag into your luggage so that you have it available.
  • Parents who are meeting us in the airport: We will be arriving at around 3:00 P.M. Please meet us at the EL AL area in Terminal 4. My plan is to expedite things as swiftly and smoothly as possible. This means that we will not be hanging around for a long time. I will be getting the kids on line and through check in and then straight to security. This way we will be able to get through and relax at our gate which is important for everyone.
  • Rooms for our first destination in Israel are finished and have been handed in. I made sure to accommodate everyone who sent in their requests, of which there were not too many. Everything is workable and fluid so if there are any issues we will deal with it. No one needs to get worried or nervous.
  • When the kids get dropped off for the Shabbaton, the drop off will be on Peninsula blvd. on the shul side of the street. Please make sure that the kids get out of the car to their right. Onto the sidewalk.
  • I am sending everyone the schedule for Shabbos. In general I keep to times accurately so you can assume that we will be keeping to the times on the schedule.
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Shabbaton July 15th - 17th

Friday 15th

·      Early chill for those kids coming early

·      4:30- Official start. Everyone meets at the College House 827 Peninsula blvd…Introductions

·      5:00- Host homes

·      6:35- Mincha (Main Shul)

·      6:50-  Kabbalat Shabbat (Main Shul)

·      6:56- Earliest Time to Light Candles

·      7:30- Ice Breaker

·      8:15- Seudat Shabbat

·      9:15- Walk to the Wallach House

·      9:45- Oneg At The Wallach House (Including session, eating, singing, eating, chilling, eating, eating….)

Shabbos 16th :

·      9:15- Shachris- College House Minyan

·      11:30- Kiddush

·      12:00- Session

·      1:00- Lunch

·      2:00- Chill

·      2:15- Early Mincha- College House Minyan

·      3:00-6:00- Menucha

·      6:00- Meet back at the House

·      6:15- Walk to the Weiner’s

·      6:30-7:15- Session

·      7:15-8:15- Seudah Shlishit

·      8:20-8:50- Ebbing

·      9:05- Maariv

·      9:15-9:30- Shabbos Ends/Musical Havdallah

·      9:30-Host homes- Quick Change and Turn around

·      10:30- Bus Pick up for Night activity- In front of the Young Israel

·      10:45- Bowling/Pizza- Try to beat Reb Josh’s score!!!!!

Sunday 17th

·      9:15- Shachris (House)

·      10:00-10:45- Breakfast

·      10:50-12:00- Advisors meet with Camp Groups

·      12:10-12:30- Divrei Chizuk and Final words

·      12:30-1:15- Lunch

·      1:15-1:30- Clean up

·      1:30-2:30- RE-pack for the plane and bring stuff to the front of the shul with luggage

·      2:30-We out!!!

·      3:00/3:20- Get to the EL AL Terminal

·      7:00- Fly Home!! Libi BaMizrach!!!

  If anyone has any last minute questions or comments please reach out. Looking forward to an amazing journey with everyone. -Rabbi Weinberg
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