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We Are Almost There!!! A Few Important Things….

A Gitten Erev Shabbos to my Heilige NCSY JOLT Israel’ers and Families,

Next Shabbos we will all be together…. finally…. and start this most amazing journey together! I can’t wait!!!! 

I wanted to review a few things together with everyone just to make sure that we are all on the same page:

  •            The Shabbaton next week begins Friday, July 15th at 4:30 P.M. We will all be meeting at the “College House” of the YI of Woodmere.  The address is 827 Peninsula Blvd. The plan is to keep all of our big duffel bags in the “College House” so that you don’t have to schelp it with you to your host homes. Take what you will need for Shabbos in an overnight bag. You will have time on Sunday to rearrange and repack your luggage before we head to the airport, so no need to worry. If you are from the 5T or the surrounding areas and would like to drop your bag off on Sunday morning, no problem. Just be in touch and let me know
  •       Parents who are meeting us at the airport, please be at the EL AL terminal, #4, at 3:00. We will be there on or around that time. For those of you who would like to say hello to the advisors they will be on hand to meet and greet for a few short minutes. I know it’s visiting day in lots of camps so seriously NO pressure. I just want to inform you that the option is available. Because we are a big group, B”H, I will start getting everyone ticketed pretty quickly and then we start to go through security, so just want to give the parents a heads up on that. I will of course be on hand to speak to everyone…Just look for the tall, good looking, bald guy. J
  •       If you are still having issues with Payoneer or you have an issue at some point over the summer my holy wife Nechama will be taking the lead on helping out with that. You can reach her at
  •       If you are still having phone issues or experience phone issues over the summer, Nechama is your point person for that, as well.
  •       If anyone needs to get in touch with me at any point over the summer please do not hesitate to email me at ,which is the best way, or to call me on my Israel cell phone number- 050-705-0409. Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld our Assistant Director can be reached as well at 052-801-6452.
  •          Many have asked about the laundry situation in Israel. So here is the deal, NCSY will be taking care of two laundry days strategically placed throughout the summer. If anyone wants, they can pay for an extra load of laundry when we are on Kibbutz Lavi at the cost of 17 Shekel (about $4.25)- for every 2.2 pounds of laundry.
  •           Some people have asked me about water bottle holders. To reiterate what I said on the conference call. The best thing in my opinion is a camelback. If you can get one that holds three liters of water that would be best. I will usually mandate two liters of water for our hikes, but you can never go wrong with more. In addition, please remember that I will NOT allow anyone to hike without a hat or water. Sunscreen is also extraordinarily important.
  •         I have also been getting a lot of dress code clarification questions, so to be clear. Girls CAN wear short sleeve shirts. Anything that goes to the mid-arm is fine. No cap sleeves ever. In terms of skirts they have to hit the knee. This is true for Shabbos and during the week. When we are hiking girls can wear long basketball shorts or skirts (however, I would advise wearing leggings under a skirt for a hike). Boys must wear pants for davening Shachris (sweatpants, track pants…), no tank tops, and of course Tzitzis and yarmulka or baseball cap.
  •         Rooming: Many of you have mentioned to me that you do not care who you are roomed with and actually prefer to be with new people. I applaud that. It is actually very impressive. However, there may still be some people that feel the need, especially in the beginning, to be with people they know. So if you really feel that you need to be with someone you know for the first place we stay, let me know. Just send me a private Whatsapp or email. Please be advised that I cannot guarantee more than one person you request. After the first place we stay the advisors, Reb Josh and I will be creating the room assignments.
  •         The free Shabbos begins Thursday night the 4th of August and will go until Sunday morning the 7th. I will be sending out all the information regarding that Shabbos. In 9.9 out of 10 cases kids that don’t have places to stay before the summer are invited to join a friend. In the rare event that your child has NO place to stay for Shabbos we will help them find a place to stay. So no need to worry about that. There are forms for the free Shabbos on your CampMinder account page with information that must be filled out in advance. If you have any personal questions do not hesitate to ask.
  •          Make sure you DO NOT forget your passports!
  •        FOR PARENTS- IMPORTANT: The purpose of this trip is to give our kids the Most Amazing Summer Ever! I want them to feel accomplished, I want them to grow, I want them to have an awesome time and I want them fall in love with Israel. I need you to keep two things in mind:

o   If you ever need to get in touch with me prior to leaving or when we are in Israel…DO NOT hesitate! I am here for your kids and for you. It is NOT a bother! Anytime you need I am available. Most of you know this already but I want to be clear about it.

o   It is important that you trust our NCSY JOLT Israel team. We are all invested in your children and we are all on the same team. Decisions that we make will be with your child’s best interests in mind.  

Phew...That’s everything that I have on my list. If anyone has any other questions please feel free to be in touch. The best way is via text, whatssapp or email.

Wishing you all a beautiful and sweet Shabbos.

With warmest wishes

-Rabbi Weinberg

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