BLOG -Summer 2018


Last but not least, here are Jamie Beer’s reflections on her final Shabbos on Jolt Israel and her overall experience on the program –   This past Shabbos was are last Shabbos on Jolt Israel. It personally was a very meaningful experience for me. It


As we enter into our final Shabbos together at Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim, Lexie Alpert reflects back on her highlights of the last few days-   Yesterday, we went on a hike to Snapir. We specifically did the hike later in the day so that we


Jake Froehlich shares his reflections on our awesome day yesterday –    Yesterday was an amazing day. We started off at an vineyard where we picked our own grapes that we were able to keep. It was very meaningful because we were also able to


Today we volunteered at a food packaging center in Tel Aviv and then visited the Gush Katif museum. After a full and meaningful day, Adeena Schwerd shares her highlights-   Today, we went to The Yafo Center to help package food boxes for kids and


As we part ways for our free Shabbat, Marsha Joseph reflects on the meaningful final day we had together this week –    Today we went to a graveyard for soldiers. There, we learned that even though the soldiers were in different divisions, they were


Here are Uriel Awerbuch’s reflections on another great and powerful day –   Today we went to Yaoz V’Gaon, the park dedicated in memory of the three boys who were kidnapped in 2014. We helped pick up fallen branches so that, if a fire breaks


Following a meaningful and unique Tisha b’Av commemoration, Rachelli Geffner shares with us the most impactful parts of her fast day –   Yesterday was Tisha B’av and it was one of the most meaningful fasts I have ever had. For Eicha we went to


Here’s Esti Samberg’s reflections on her highlights from another incredible week!   Two nights ago  night we went to Avnei Eitan, a camping site where we got to experience a taste of the great outdoors. Our evening kicked off with a great dinner and was followed


Shlomo Shaulian reflects on our last full day with Machaneh Hachi Achi-   Today, JOLT Israel and camp Simcha Layeled went to a robotic dairy farm and fruit picking. The day was ended by an amazing talent show, with performances of all different varieties. Aside


This week is off to another great start with JOLT Israel and Machaneh Hachi Achi! Here are Avigail Goldberg’s thoughts on her experience thusfar-   For starters, Shabbos was incredible. We all got so much closer and being with the kids inspired all of us.