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About The Trip


JOLT Israel is for teens who want to become leaders and for teen leaders who are looking to enhance their leadership skills. The highlight of the program is running a camp for siblings of children with chronic illnesses for 10-days. Often times parents caring for their sick child leave siblings needing additional attention. It is the responsibility of the JOLT Israel participants to utilize their leadership skills to plan, create and run a camp for these children and ensure that each of them knows they are cared for and loved. Learning how to effectively implement one’s leadership abilities sets JOLT Israel apart from other leadership programs.

On JOLT Israel, teens will travel off the beaten track as they explore Israel from a new perspective. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Rappel through waterfalls and over mountains including Black Canyon and Maíarat HaKeshet
  • Cliff jump into natural pools of water in Harei Sodom, Midbar Yehuda and the Golan
  • Snorkel in Haifa and waterski in Eilat
  • Connect to the religious and cultural facets of Israelís diverse make up through cultural excursions, unique tours and special programs

Teens will hike the Golan and sail the Kinneret all while learning about their rich Jewish heritage, building character and understanding their social responsibility to the world at large. As the summer progresses, teens learn to collaborate as they go from a group of strong individuals into an even stronger, united Jewish family bound together by a summer of shared experiences.