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About The Trip

Summer 2019

Week 1 Video

Machane Hachi Achi Day 2!!

Yesterday was the second day of the camp we are running. We heard from Rachel Frank about her experience running the camp.


 Yesterday was the most amazing day at camp. The day was filled with so a lot a laughter and fun. We went on a water hike that was so much fun for both us and the kids. I enjoyed seeing all the kids having fun and laughing with friends. After that we went to Aquakef. It was so much fun and so memorable. Being able to take kids and watch them while also having fun is so meaningful. Aquakeyf was the funnest part of the day. I could really tell from the looks of the campers that it was so much fun and that they really enjoyed it. This week has been so far the best. Can’t wait for the rest of the week and all the amazing memories we will make.

Machane Hachi Achi Day 1!

To kickstart the camp we are running, we heard from all-star JOLTER- Shira Schwartz describing her incredible experience with day 1 of Machane Hachi Achi! 

Yesterday was a huge highlight of our trip! We started the day with setting up for the campers to arrive. We blew up balloons, made posters, got dressed up and blasted music. When the campers came, we gathered outside in a human bridge for them to run through. After everyone was off the bus, we danced with the campers outside before taking them inside for a carnival with pop corn, cotton candy and slushies. We then learned some simcha Layeled cheers with our campers. Afterwords, we loaded the busses for our first tiyul with the campers. Each JOLT camper sat with a simcha Layeled camper on the bus. When we got to the water hike, everyone immediately started throwing water at each other and the hike quickly turned in to a massive water fight. The hike was my favorite part of the whole day because it was a really good way to get around and meet all the campers in a fun way…while everyone threw water at each other :). When we got back to Hispin, we had dinner, where each JOLT kid once again sat with a simcha Layeled kid, so that everyone can get to know each other even better. We had a drum circle last night with blasting music and everyone was singing, dancing and playing the drums. Everyone got really into it which made the whole activity so much better!! It was overall a really great day where we all really got to bond. This was only day 1, but I can’t wait for the rest of the week to come!