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About The Trip
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Q:How many teens go on JOLT Israel?


JOLT Israel has 70-80 teens from around North America.

Q:What is the breakdown of the program?


Part I: Three weeks of touring and hiking while gaining leadership skills.  

Part II: Two weeks of running a camp for siblings of children with cancer.

Q:What is the difference between JOLT and JOLT Israel?


JOLT and JOLT Israel both focus on building tomorrow’s leaders. However, JOLT Israel was created for teens who may travel to Eastern Europe with their respective schools or during their year in Israel.

Q:What is unique about JOLT Israel?


JOLT Israel is a unique blend of hiking and touring designed to teach leadership skills. We then take those skills and apply them experientially by creating a day camp for children who have siblings with cancer. This allows us to not only create leaders, but also to teach them how to apply their leadership skills to the community at large.

Q:Who are the children that will be participating in this camp that the JOLT Israel participants are running?


JOLT Israel partners with an organization dedicated to assisting families battling with chronic illnesses in Israel.