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About The Trip

Our First Full Day!

joltisrael July 6, 2017

Today was our first full day on Jolt Israel, and it was jam-packed! We had a bit of a late start since we were all tired from the flight. For breakfast, we had so many options like cereal, pancakes, French toast, and eggs. After breakfast, we headed to the visitor center of Kfar Etzion (the place we are staying for a few days) where we watched three clips about a group of people that survived the Holocaust and then fled to Israel where they fought passionately for this piece of land in Kfar Etzion. It was inspiring to see how these people were willing to risk everything just to fight for our land; they never gave up hope. Then we headed over to a lookout where we saw where the battles of Kfar Etzion took place. Our Madrich and Rabbi Weinberg, spoke more about the battles and how we can learn from in a practical way. After the this, we hiked Derech Avot where we got to see amazing views. We even got to see an old mikveh from ancient times that is no longer in use. Then we went to the “lone Tree,” which is a 700 year old oak tree that represents the destruction that happened to the Kfar Etzion, yet still the remaining hope to return there. While we all sat under the tree, Rabbi Weinberg spoke about how the tree represents hope, and how we now have the choice to decide what is most important to us and what we want to do in order to make a difference. At this site, we all sat under the shade and enjoyed a nice hot meat lunch. When we finished lunch, we headed over to the bread bakery, Pat Bamelech. When we arrived we watched a quick clip about the connection between bread and the Shlosh Regalim. Then we all learned how to make sour dough pretzels.  Then as they were baking we sat outside and learned about how sourdough is made. Once they were finished baking, we enjoyed the warm and yummy pretzels. Then we all got free time at the Shuk! This is my first time in Israel, so it was super awesome being able to see all the foods I have never seen before and just the culture of the place. I had a great time walking around with friends and just hanging out. Then we headed back to Kfar Etzion to have dinner, daven Maariv, and have our first chaburahs with our Advisors. In the chaburah we learned about the importance of being a leader. Overall, it was great first day for my first time in Israel. Looking forward too many more amazing days!!

Jone Skapino