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About The Trip

Another Amazingly Successful Day of מחנה הכי אחי!!                     

joltisrael July 16, 2017

Another amazing day with מחנה הכי אחי. After davening in the morning, everyone was completely energized and ready for a full day of cheering, singing, and fun. We ate a delicious breakfast, and then went straight to Tel Dan. We spent about an hour playing and splashing around in the super fun (although freezing) water. Even though the language barrier is strong, many Jolt Israelers who can’t speak Hebrew were able to connect to the Zam Zam kids on a powerful level by having water fights and splashing each other. When we were done in the water, we got back on the busses and went to Kfar Blum for rafting down the Jordan River. Before we got on the rafts, we had a delicious lunch of hamburgers and French fries (or chips in Israel). The rafts were split up into groups of 6, which helped initiate friendships in smaller groups. I feel like I was able to become closer with certain Zam Zam kids while in the rafts, trying to figure out how to move our boat. While we all started in the boats, the rafting soon turned to an amazing swimming time. We all jumped out and had so much fun swimming together. While on the way back to the hotel we were all exhausted, but we just had to keep singing all our cheers. After dinner, we had a fabulous talent show with a mix of performances from the Jolt Israelers and Zam Zam kids and madrichim. There were people singing, dancing, and I personally juggled. Since I couldn’t find any balls, I was resourceful and used rocks from the grounds of the hotel. Everyone had so much fun on another amazingly successful day of מחנה הכי אחי.                       

Hannah Merczynksi-hait