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About The Trip

Splash Bash!

joltisrael July 17, 2017

 It just gets better every day here at מחנה הכי אחי. After davening in the morning, everyone was completely energized and ready for a full day of cheering, song and fun. We ate a delicious breakfast, and then went straight to the water hike. We walked through water while splashing water at each other and singing many zam zam cheers. I bonded with Maor throughout our entire time together. However today really brought it home. We were able to spend the whole day together bonding. While walking through the water he didn’t feel comfortable with the slippery rocks so he was holding onto me and I supported him which really helped us create a stronger connection and become closer friends. At the end of the water hike, there was a huge pool of water where we all stopped and had a crazy water fight. Even the rabbis got involved with splashing the zam zam kids and jolters. Everyone was involved and had huge smiles and lots of fun. We were all able to bond through the water fights. Everyone was laughing and having an awesome time together. Afterwards we went to the picnic area and had many different choices of sandwiches. There were even fresh apples for everyone!!! Everyone loved the food, and went to the buses feeling tired and satisfied. Then we came back so that everyone could have time to shower and change into clean, dry clothing in order to get ready for the party cruise. After showering, we got back on the buses and drove to the kineret where we split into one group of boys and one group of girls. We loaded the boat and upon entering the boat there was music playing and a simcha atmosphere. Everyone danced and sang along and had an amazing time!! Then we got off the boat and walked for a few minutes to the restaurant where we had dinner. There was a variety of food none of which was schnitzel!! The highlight was the dessert of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. We then got back onto the busses to come back to hispin for a special optional night activity with the zam zam kids. Although it was optional, the turnout was tremendous. We played gaga and dodgeball, and all the while we had a dance party and listened to some great Israeli music. Everyone was dancing and was clearly enjoying themselves. Even the rabbis got involved and we’re playing along with us. Everyone had so much fun and can’t wait for another amazing day tomorrow iy”h!!

Noam Wainhaus