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About The Trip


joltisrael July 12, 2017

Today I had the greatest experience of my life, so great that I couldn’t even keep track of time.  In the morning, Jolt Israel davened, had breakfast, and then prepared for the arrival of Zichron Menachem. When Zichron Menachem arrived we made a tunnel that the kids had to run through to get them pumped for the exciting week ahead. While the buses pulled in, we listened to great music and all just had a great time together. Afterwards we started dancing with the kids and everyone was having a blast, while enjoying some cotton candy. Later in the day, Jolt Israel and Zichron Menachem went jeeping. All the kids were so happy to be with us. It was really so special to see. I became very close with an Israeli boy named Maor. We were dancing and enjoying ourselves, and I even showed him some of my own American dance moves like the whip and dab. Maor and I hung out the whole entire day and had a blast. That was my experience for today can’t wait for the rest of the weeks.

Gabe Greenberg