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About The Trip

Zichron Menachem Bonding Day!

joltisrael July 7, 2017

We started off our day with davening and when we finished Rabbi Rosenfled gave us a five minute halacha shiur about the power of saying Amen. Then we went off to breakfast, where I enjoyed cereal :). Today we were offered our first optional chabura with one of our advisors, Jed. He told us a story about the power of every mitzvah, I really liked it and felt very inspired by it. After, we all gathered in the shul and sat in a circle. Rabbi Weinberg and Rabbi Rosenfeld taught us how to interact with Israelis using only hand gestures! A few people role-played and it was very funny. Then the Israelis from Zichron Menachem came, and we all got to know each other before Machaneh Hachi Achi starts (which I am so excited for!)We heard from a psychologist, one of the directors from Zichron Menachem, Rabbi Weinberg, Rabbi Rosefeld about the importance of this camp we will be running and our duty as a counselor for the campers. We split up into groups to learn some new, fun, and crazy Israeli cheers. Then the whole group regathered and we spent 20 minutes standing in a circle dancing and singing with Israeli stuff. It was really cool to learn all the new chants and get so comfortable with all new Israelis that we will be working with soon! Then we headed over to lunch, it was falafels!! It was really good, the best meal yet. After that, we all chilled on the grass. Some people played sports, others just sat and bonded. Then we all walked to a shopping area to get some snacks. Now we are back at Kfar Etzion and getting ready for Shabbos. I hope Shabbos is fun, chill and meaningful. Cant Wait!

Eliana Raskas