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About The Trip


joltisrael July 7, 2018

After a late first night, the teens woke up early today for an exciting day of hiking in Ir David, davening at the Kotel, felafel lunch, and exploring the Shuk. As we look forward to welcoming in our first Shabbos in the holy land, Ora Hochberg shared some of her highlights of the day –


Today we had a really exciting tour of Ir David and the Chizkiyahu water tunnels led by Yoel. One of the amazing of it was that he used Tanach as a huge part of the tour. It really brought Tanach alive and helped me connect the stories to everything we were looking at. For example, we learned about a stamp that was excavated at Ir David that had on it the name of a scribe who is mentioned specifically in a pasuk! It was so cool!

Have a beautiful Shabbos everyone!