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About The Trip


joltisrael August 5, 2018

Last but not least, here are Jamie Beer’s reflections on her final Shabbos on Jolt Israel and her overall experience on the program –


This past Shabbos was are last Shabbos on Jolt Israel. It personally was a very meaningful experience for me. It was special to see that after only five weeks, everyone was meshed together like one family. During ebbing, everyone was very into it, and you could feel the energy in the air. When ebbing was supposed to end, everyone got together and just kept on singing. None of us wanted the moment to end. Today, we went to the Herzl museum which interested me because I had learned about it in school this past year. It was cool to see the thing I learned in school come to life. Throughout the summer I grew as a person because of the experiences I had on Jolt Israel. I will truly miss this amazing summer.