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About The Trip

Top Reasons

Tour Israel through a New Lens

Traveling around Israel through the lens of leadership helps teens develop a new level of love, respect and appreciation for the land of Israel.

Develop an Appreciation of Chesed

Chesed is not always easy. By devoting your summer to giving back to others, you learn that true chesed often means overcoming obstacles and facing challenges. Participants will return as passionate, confident leaders ready to make a difference.

Make a Difference

After JOLT, not only will you have impacted the lives of children who had no knowledge of Judaism, you will go home and carry that inspiration home. Just because JOLT ends, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people in our very own communities that need to be inspired.

Your JOLT Israel Family

Meet teens like you, ready to spend their summer working together to improve the lives of those around them. As the summer progresses, you’ll go from a group of strong individuals into an even stronger, united Jewish family bound together by a summer of shared experiences.

Great on a Resume

If you were born to lead, JOLT Israel is the perfect way to maximize your leadership potential through incredible hands-on experience.Throughout the summer, teens will build character and understand their social responsibility to the world at large.